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Composite Panels

Radiscone Facades LTD specialise in installing a range of composite panel systems including associated pressed metal and aluminium flashings. Our clients often involve us in the pre-development stage of projects to help identify both cost and programme savings.

We understand that the wall cladding contractor has the challenge of coordinating with multiple other trades such as roofers, glazers, ground works etc. Both our management and operatives strive to work as a team with the other sub-contractors alongside us and our full drawing service ensures that interfaces with roof, curtain walling and other façade finishes are coordinated prior to start on site.

We install a range of internal composite panel walls ranging from light weight PIR core walls to rockwool core 2h firewalls.

Composite or Sandwich panels are being specified on more and more projects due to the programme and cost savings that can be achieved. As the panels are pre-finished there is no requirement for any wet trades or decoration to follow.

Our installation teams are experienced and trained in an extensive range of mechanical panel lifting techniques allowing for both safe and fast installation in all situations. We also offer an out-of-hours install service where works are being undertaken in an occupied building.

Fire Rated Panels provide fire rated protected openings in ceilings and walls for access to building engineering services.

Available fire rated up to 3 hours, the panels are finished in powder coated white and can be over painted to blend with the surrounding surface. The larger panels have full length piano hinges with the smaller panels using unique pivot hinges.

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